PA & Lighting

PA and sound hire

Route 2 Events have been providing sound systems for over 20 years. Our experienced sound engineers and crew have broadcast to audiences of 50 to over 10000 at all types of event around the UK. These events have varied from large outdoor festivals, and stomping DJ nights, to private parties, and weddings. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience in the setting-up and operation of any configuration of PA system suitable for a sound reinforced event.

PA systems vary depending on the type of event, so our sound engineers are always on hand to have a friendly chat, and give you any advice you may need to ensure your event runs smoothly and with the best sound possible.

sound desk 1 sound desk 2 sound desk 3 sound desk 4 sound desk 5 sound desk 6

We supply sound systems for:

  • Outdoor festivals
  • Bands, corporate events/parties
  • DJs
  • Sporting events, indoor and out
  • Public address

Example PA systems available.

  • Small event i.e. parties/fates. – 2k Peavey system with 12 channel mixer.
  • Small – medium event i.e. Pubs – small marquees. – 4k JBL system with 16 channel mixer 4 way monitor mix with FX graphics compressors, etc.
  • Medium – large events 7k JBL system with 3k stage monitoring. 24 channel sound craft desk. Full outboard. Up to 6 way monitor mix.
  • Large events i.e. . . . out door festivals. 11k to 40k Nexo PA system. 40 channel Allan and Heath desk. Outboard tailored to your requirements. On stage monitor mix, digital iLive desk with Nexo PS 15 monitors.

We have a further large variety of pa sound systems available according to the requirements of the event or the acts involved.


For further details call Mark on 07877325462 or CONTACT US.

Lighting hire

Route 2 Events will light the way for any type of occasion. We can provide anything from subtle mood lighting to large scale stage production rigs. Route 2 Events will provide you with all the event lighting you could ever need. We guarantee to create the atmosphere at your event that people will be astonished by.

We can supply lighting systems from as little as £50 up to £50,000. Our expert lighting engineers will be happy to assist you with your enquiry and can build and design tailored lighting packages for any event.

Large production packages can be supplied including multiple PAR cans, moving head lights, engineers, control desks, trussing and mains distribution systems. Our hire stock now includes a diverse range of LED lighting equipment.

We are constantly adding to the range of equipment we have available for hire and can acquire anything necessary to assist with our customers' requirements.

We also now offer a range of lasers from small disco packages up to large computer controlled animation.


For further details call Dave on 07717454322 or CONTACT US.